The Ghosts of the Wind

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The Ghosts of the Wind

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“Magallanes -as the authors write- the last part of Chile to be colonized, has an everchanging history; a serpent with penguin feathers and guanaco hoves, can bite its own tail, and speaks spanish and croatian with a typical southern accent, placed in a nearby stove holding water ready for brewing coffe, while outside snows, rains and the sun appears, all at the same time.”

THE GHOSTS OF THE WIND tries to update and confront magellanic and chileans not only with the local history, but with an incredible,fantasy, wacky, and lately, very real culture and nature.

pages 100
taille 29 MB
format PDF interactivo


ISBN 978-956-9907-07-4


Digital Date de sortie 24-11-2017

Adventures, fantasy, history.

scénario Oscar Barrientos
Dessin / Coloriste Mirko Vukasovic - Cristian Escobar
acceuil Sergio Lantadilla
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