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 // March 14, 2017 //

We, the Chileans, have never won a world cup. We are very passionate about football, and sometimes that impetus leads us along the winding road of hope, which often goes blindly and without sufficient signs of danger on the road. With the years accumulate disappointments, but also the eye is sharpened when to re-enclose the illusion, when there really is a team with which you can fight.

Perhaps for all this we can empathize with the Spanish feeling associated with the moment immortalized in this humble drawing.

Generation after generation full of football promises, players born for glory, but never to raise this cup. Years of repeating and discussing with friends such as "Pushed the Divine Zamora", "Michel's ghost goal", "1994 elbow" or "South Korea robbery in 2002". Bitter tales that accumulate on each other until 2008, a year in which the work of reforming and refreshment of players gives its fruit, managing to distort history and win the Eurocopa.

Now the Spanish team not only promised, but had a clear style of play, great technical bill, much pass, lots of possession, and therefore great control of the game.

What a good time to go to a World Cup!

Surely hope was there, more nourished than ever, because this time, finally, Spain came not only as a projection, but as a certainty, but that would not be easy!

Despite the great tactical and technical work of the Spanish team, every game played was a problem, a swamp, a stumbling block. The vast majority of their opponents chose to back down their ranks, defend with the full bus, and counter-punch if given the chance. A shame. At least Chile was the exception in that sense; To die with his boots on. Spain methodically and patiently did their thing in every confrontation; Took possession of the ball and played the ball until the space opened, and in that second, in that blink, put precision passes that allowed to break walls.

The final was more of the same. The Netherlands entered knowing that it was not enough opponent for this Spain. He grouped his players back, and when he could not with the "tiquitaca" kicked after kick. The violence would have worked against others less prepared, against others less tanned on court, but did not make a dent in players with their balls and their head in place, who know that those kicks stick when there is no more resource to cut the game.

The soul of Spain was paralyzed with the start of Robben, that was the goal of slate, the pre-designed play with which we all knew that Holland hoped to close the game, but Casillas did not want that to be written history, it would not be that way . Holland simply had no other way.

The cups have the virtue of being even more extreme physically than the common tournaments. I write virtue because all the time that the players must be in concentration, the continuity of the effort, the injuries, the pains, the internal fights, are those that finally make emerge the real champions, to those who are prepared and determined to do what Necessary in those times of high demand. In this case the player that emerges is Iniesta. Any player with less hierarchy would have lived as a problem, like one of those balls that burn, and you can see that they just want to comply with kicking it so that the moment is over soon. But no, it was Iniesta who was in charge of managing that ball, a guy who knows what it costs that the ball gets there, with that profile, with that amount of space, with that speed. For him it was not a problem, it was the perfect opportunity to end the agony in a single shot, 4 minutes from penalties. Without hesitation he crossed it forcefully, with the whole body, with the whole country pushing his foot, and the rest is history, but one of those stories that is worth remembering.

For when you want to remember that important goal, we created this image in the style of our football cartoon "Pichanga". We hope you like it!

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Drawing / Color: Álvaro Torrens