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After entering the products to the shopping cart and select as payment to khipu in the checkout site, the next window, in which you must & nbsp opens, press "Yes, continue paying on this computer "

Press & nbsp; "Continue" button in the next window

button 1 "Install the Chrome extension"; window appears with the steps, go to step & nbsp.

the option to install the extension in the browser (eg Chrome) appears. Press "Add extension"

confirming the extension installation window appears.

Now is passed to Step 2 of the installation window khipu, press button "Download Payment Terminal"

When you download a new list of steps for installation on the PC.

After downloading and installing the program confirmation window appears.

Automatically opens khipu, appearing the next window, here & nbsp; enter customer data bank .

After the internal validation of the purchase, confirmation appears.

Then, the whole process is sent email from data with purchase and download link of the selected product.