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// March 10th 2017 // 


There are unforgettable moments in the memory of each person, sometimes more near invisible scars, others, more like a cosmic tattoo. There are also indelible moments we share with others, and that entrench forever relations worth saving. Finally, there are moments immortals crossing the life of an entire country, that identify us, and that unite us around a transversal experience. A good example is the earthquakes; we all remember what we were doing at the time of each strong earthquake in which we live, and allows us to relate this experience and join it to the experiences of other Chileans, regardless of whether it was more or less tragic.

The first Copa America won by Chile is exactly the same, a seismic wave that travels throughout the country, not from south to north, but from the inside out, shaking everything in its path, knocking down these ossified constructions defeatism and chaqueteo, leaving the floor & nbsp; all those thoughts type "can not", "the cup look, but not touch", "moral victory" and covering them with enough land to build a new mentality above, that in which we are able to fight on equal terms with any opponent, that is, you can achieve the impossible, that in which we can pursue our dreams and achieve them. That in which are champions!

We wanted to shape the collective memory through this drawing the precise moment the ball slowly enters the Argentinean goal, with the goalkeeper flying to the other side, while all players, the stadium and the rest of Chile jump to scream GOAL! .


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