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 & nbsp; // March 20 & nbsp; 2017 // & nbsp;

It was hard to pick a Mexican player which highlight one of our "unforgettable moments" we become comic style drawing. The list starts obviously evaluated the plasticity of Hugo Sanchez, a shaft scorer and great career in Europe, he was still solvent Rafa Marquez and its strong presence in the selection, and even winked at the goalkeeper Jorge Campos showmanship. But Cuauhtemoc was more.

It happens that when you see guys like Cristiano Ronaldo, to give a clear example, know that this is an athlete, it is clear that a high-level athlete. However when you see guys like Cuauhtémoc - or pacifier Suazo - his image is far from that of an athlete. Prejudice leads to error - and subsequent humiliation in court, if you make that mistake is soccer player - thinking that is not a great athlete. There is the issue; Much of the popularity of football is that it is a sport in which there are many skills that go beyond athletics, and thus allowing many people without physical powers may even surpass others if they do. White is one of the great examples. It was not particularly fast or strong, neither tall nor strong punch, but had all the other skills that a great playmaker should have; high spatial location, good field vision, reading the game, good ball control, and a lot of conditions that can only be obtained in the neighborhood; lack of respect for the provisions necessary to compete on equal terms against the big, sharp cunning to provoke and exploit moments of weakness - or innocence - of opponents, & nbsp; and last but not least, a tremendous balls to always give their best for the national team in official matches, when it.

View Cuauhtemoc in court was the constant confirmation that talent and a good brain worth a million times more than a thousand players-athletes running in all directions.

The "Cuauhteminha" is the perfect summary of his game. Aesthetically unorthodox, but the perfect solution to take advantage of a disadvantage, occupying the body of his opponents, and his two arms like the wings of the eagle that is literally present in its name, its flag, and the club his loves.

We hope you enjoy this tribute!

 Drawing / Color: & nbsp; Álvaro Torrens

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