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// January 31, 2017 // 

Today is an important day for this Editorial ... it's our debut !!. After a long wait we launched Pichanga - Pure Soccer. A children's comic that deals with that passion that is football and how these 4 friends live. Obviously an initial work has a lot of autobiographical, therefore, much of what these children experience is related to the way the author lived his childhood, and in particular, the importance of football in this stage of his life.


To know our characters, we give them the first chapter free, read here: Pichanga - Cap 1 - Free

Also if you like the comic, you can buy it here: Buy me.

Remember that with the code PICHANGA50 you can get the volume 1 of pichanga with a 50% discount. 124 sheets for $ 2,500!

We hope our stories are of interest to you.