How to Pay khipu from Android?

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After entering the products to the shopping cart and select as payment to khipu in the checkout site, the next window, in which you must press the button "khipu, pay with your bank" opens:

Press & nbsp; "Continue" button in the next window

Google Play window If the application is not installed on the device appear to download and install the application khipu. Otherwise you go directly to data entry to be displayed later.

After the application is installed on the device, press the "Back to payment" to continue shopping button.

Within the payment terminal open khipu the client bank and associated email is selected. Then press button "Continue".

Now the bank client data are entered to enter the payment into your bank account and the "Continue" button is pressed. Khipu not save passwords, just connect the site with your bank.

If all goes well, the transfer is made. & Nbsp; Press "Finish" button to return to the site publisher .

Then, the whole process is sent email from data with purchase and download link of the selected product.