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We are a new publisher of Chilean graphic narrative, and what we propose to & nbsp; is to help consolidate national comics industry through the international distribution of material in digital format Chilean .


It is a word of origin Mapuche, that refers to a very particular person of its social structure, whose purpose is to accurately represent certain myths, histories and accounts of its past, which were considered important to be known. In a culture without writing, this narrative takes on a formative and creative relevance of identity of great importance, a vision that we share absolutely with respect to the role that fulfills the narrative in general with respect to the whole society. "The storyteller" not only exists to entertain, as it seems to be the modern stance in this respect, and the story is not just a vain or artistic act devoid of importance in the concrete and pragmatic world, Those stories and those weupifes influence the The way people conceive reality, in their capacity to think new versions of their own world.